It all started with Dish Network and a missing contact lens.

When Jason Hair was in college, he took a summer to sell Dish Network door-to-door in California. He still hadn't settled on a major yet, and wanted to use the summer to earn some extra money for the following year.

Coincidentally, the weekend his then-girlfriend, now-wife Jana, was visiting for her birthday, Jason lost his contact lens down the sink. In a hurry to get a new one, he scheduled a visit with an optometrist in a local private practice. Jason had been visiting optometrists since he was a child, getting his first pair of glasses at the age of eight, but he had never been to a private practice optometrist. This doctor ended up making a big difference in Jason's life.

At this private practice in California, the doctor was not in a hurry. He took the time to explain in detail the extent of Jason's condition, and was the first to discuss the health of his eyes and how it could affect him in the future. Jason is very near-sighted (and has a VERY high prescription for glasses and contact lenses), and was recommended and prescribed to wear hard contact lenses for the first time (also known as RGP's).

When he came out of his appointment, Jason told Jana that he knew what he wanted to do...he wanted to become an optometrist. He told her that, for the first time he could remember, he could see the individual leaves on trees and gravel in the road! He was excited to not only have clearer vision, but really appreciated the time the doctor took to help him to understand his eyes, and how vision and health were so closely intertwined.

From then on, Jason was fully committed to the profession. He knows the difference that not only good eyesight can make, but good eye care can make, too. Educating patients is a passion of Dr. Hair's, stemming from his experience in California after that fated lost contact lens. He truly wants his patients to not only see better, but to look and live better, too.

He looks forward to exceeding your expectations at Tri-City Eyes, and extending the same quality of service that was given to him all those years ago.